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   Updated 10th November 2018
2018 Phuket Sailing trip.  

S/Y Siesta moored in chrystal clear waters off Bamboo Island

Oiy has come with us now for 5 or 6 years and is becoming a true friend. Here we are cooking chilis for me to bring back to Moscow. One year supply used every day to spice up otherwise pretty dull and boring food in Moscow.

This is NOT as easy as it looks

Yes. Captain is sucking in belly :-)

All on the beach on Chicken Island with Siesta in the background.

No doubt why it is called Chicken Island

Out chasing dolphins with the canooo.

Picked up two stranded Austrians in the rain that saayed for lunch.

This is a good memory. Sunset from Railei beack in Krabi.

How many monkeys ?

With Maya Bay closed tourists are coming in to the ladoon on the other side, so what we used to have to ourselves is now crowded.

Raining heavily. Phi Phi Le in the background

Anastasia and Maria joined us for the last day. Here she is spotting dolphins at Ko Mai Ton. 3 times we have gone there and seen dolphins every time.

Day after getting off the boat we (Kelly, Colin, Oiy and myself) went to Bangpae waterfall. First time I was there wasin 1991 and it is kept well. Actually less tourists this time than every other time I have been.

Nice fresh water for the boys !!!









Click here for map of the route for this year.

Back to Phuket for 13th annual Boyz Sailing trip.

5 full time and 2 day-trippers this year. Repeat for Eirik (11th time), Kelly (3rd time) and myself (13th time). Alexey came for the first time with us and second time for him sailing in the area. Øistein and Morten joined us during the days, but stayed in hotel overnight. 10th time on one of Bob's boats and second time on Siesta. She is a 54 ft aluminium catamaran completed building in 2016 and still in very good condition considering she has done daytrips with Chinese tourists. Up to 40 per trip and 2 or 3 trips per day. That is a lot of use. HERE is a link to Bob's website for Siesta. We actually had Pina Colada (same as last year) booked, but someone stole her in July and took her to Australia to escape a jail sentence in Thailand for Air-raid. Hard to make up this stuff. She is back in Phuket now, so we have 2019 plan already. Made it across to Railei on Sunday with about 30 minutes to spare. Good we got going early. Monday was spent at Ko Hong (Krabi) with the lagoon. On the way back we had excellent wind and a nice sail. Followed by Mojitos on Railei beach for the sunset. Becoming a nice tradition last couple of years. Tuesday was spent at Bamboo Island. Water was Chrystal clear and weather perfect. Overnight at Phi Phi Don. Wednesday we went over to Phi Phi Le and as announced Maya Bay was closed. Actually good to give the coral a chance to recover after years of speed-boats stirring up the water and killing the coral. Now it seemed at least some of the boats have shifted in to the lagoon on the other side of the island, so very crowded in there now. A lot like Chines soup. It started to seriously rain in the afternoon, so when we went over to Phi Phi Don we saw 2 stranded Austrians and picked then up and they had lunch with us before we went to check out if Captain Nong really had control of the monkeys. I must say he did. Remaining calm but decisive seed to do the trick even with the Alpha male in the group.

Thursday was time to head back to Phuket and drop of 4 guys. Friday Alexey brought his family on the boat. Little Masha seed to enjoy the boat and especially Oiy's fruit platter.

Good trip yet again that will be repeated next year.

Best regards,

Eirik, Alexey, Kelly, Øistein, Morten and Atle