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25 to 30 October 2008  
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Back To Phuket for 3rd Annual Boyz sailing trip

Flying the kite towards Krabi. Boat did up to 14.7 knots

SY Chameleon at anchor and sun-shade up.

The guys enjoying some of Joy's excellent cooking.

Ivar and Morten paddling in Monkey Bay


Monkeys at Phi Phi island

A different type of Monkeys also at Apache Bar at Phi Phi

Buckets of Long Island Ice Tea.

Bamboo island just north of Phi Phi.

The crew in uniform on the beach

Sunset on Phi Phi.

  Updated 31 October2008

Map of Sailing Route CLICK HERE


Some time in August we started planning the 3rd annual boy’s only sailing trip to Phuket. 3 of us the first year, 5 last year and it looked like 7 this year, so we had to upsize from the 38 footer to a 50 footer for this year. Then we had 2 last-minute cancellations, so we ended up with 5 anyway.

This time we decided to take a cook with us. Best move ever. Joy was fantastic and prepared 5 star restaurant meal quality for us 3 times a day. There is no going back to doing our own cooking after this. That's for sure.

We all arrived from various parts of the world on various flights. 4 of us arrived Friday 24th and I arrived Saturday 25th and went straight to the boat. We were suffering a bit from jet-lag, but still had a fantastic sail to Krabi. 15-20 knot wind and a 135m2 spinnaker up and the Chameleon peaked at 14.7 knots and averaged well over 12, so we were in across the bay in plenty of time to stop for a swim Chicken Island. We over-nighted at Au Nang East and had to take a long-tail to shore.

Next morning headed towards Phi Phi and stopped at Monkey Bay before mooring for the night in the bay at Phi Phi.

Third day was spent at Phi Phi Le where the movie The Beach was filmed and down to Bamboo Island for lunch and some snorkeling. Overnight again at Phi Phi.

And then like all good things the trip came to an end on Tuesday lunchtime.

We then spent another day in Phuket where we went to the Waterfall and Boat Lagoon.

Al in all a fantastic trip that will be repeated next year.


Best Regards:

Morten, Ivar, Patrick, Arild and Atle