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Spring trip 2012  
   Updated 8th May 2012
St. Petersburg, Russia, May 5-7 May 2012  

Speed Train

Moving along at 218km/h. 3hr 45 min non-stop

The fountains at Peterhof, one of Peter the Great's summer palaces.

Main fountain is 21 m high and powered only by gravity.

The happy travelers

Church domes at Peterhof

Trick fountain at Peterhof

On the river. Only rain we had on the whole trip. Bad timing.

One of Sheremetev's Palaces from the canal

Nice new Metro station- Admiralty

Soldiers marching on Palace Square in preparation for Victory Day Parade

Showing off some military hardware

Main Square seen from a window inside The Hermitage

1 of the 2 Leonardo da Vinci pieces of art at the Hermitage.

What I did not know was that there are only 14 Da Vinci paintings in existence


These are pictures of the same Canaleto painting from opposite angles, look at the size of the

building on the left of the painting. Amazing illusion!

The Travelers on the steps of the Winter Palace

One of the many reception rooms in Winter Palace

Winter Palace, part of the Hermitage from the square

Church on Spilled Blood-built on the spot where Tsar Alexander 2nd was assasimated in 1881

One of the ceiling paintings in the church

Our Lady of Kazan Cathedral

St. Isaac Cathedral

Main dome in St. Isaac's cathedral

Peter the Great's grave

Line of Tsars, Emperors and Empresses from 1613 to 1917

Winter Palace\ Hermitage from across the river

Coffee break before heading back to Moscow@ Yeliseev Cafe.




Interesting trip to St. Petersburg.

We left Moscow on the Sapsan speed train to St. Petersburg @ 0645h Saturday morning and arrived St-Petersburg 3:45 later and headed to the Alexander House Hotel to meet up with the rest of the traveling party that had arrived the night before.

First point on agenda was Peterhof. A palace built in 1714 by Peter the Great. Damaged severely during Nazi occupation during the war, many pieces of furniture, chandeliers and artifacts were buried before the German troops arrived. Most of it has been restored with its orignal gilded Baroque decoration. there are 150 or so fountains all gravity powered.

Once the sun came out (or so we thought), we headed back to town for a boat trip in the early evening. Nice view of the town from the river and canals. There are 68 rivers/canals in the city of St. Petersburg.

Next morning we went to see the Hermitage. Not really fair to only spend 4 hours in this museum. It houses the large collection of artifacts/paintings collected by Catherine the Great with a large portion mostly European. Non of her successors matched the quantity of her purchases. The most impressive part of the Hermitage is the Winter Palace. We had a bonus view of the practicing for Victory Day Parade that is scheduled for 9th May.

After lunch we headed down the canal to Church on Spilled Blood aka Resurection Church of Our Savior. It is similar to St. Basil's cathedral on Red Square, in Moscow. Now it is not a functioning church, but a museum.

We hope you enjoy the pictures.


Lynne & Atle