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Where it all started  
   Updated 30th August 2009
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  

A Camel on the road. Dangerous to run in to these at dusk.

A typical Eastern Province landscape

Picture down the V-door along the cat-walt to the logging truck.

A Rig-less job in the desert.

Not good for the roads when it rains in Saudi

Jane, Nigel, Chris and Johnny cooling down in the pool

Scrimp boil

Thursday night entertainment. Pool Volleyball

Like clockwork bloody Saddam would shoot scuds every night at 2AM, so here we are waiting for the scud. Notice the gas masks.

Patriot taking care of a Saddam Scud

Big Al and Atle close to the Kuwait border just before the ground war started

New years eve. No firework, so we threw a TV from the roof. Seemed prefectly sensible at the time.

Saudi does strange things to people's brain......


Both Atle and Lynne arrived in Saudi in 1988 and we met there in 1989.


We spent a total of 7 years in Saudi including the first Gulf war.

Interresting place to live.