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   Updated 30th August 2009

The compound we lived on. Al Bilal.

And we could have visitors in Qatar, so here is Pat and Sophi taking a swim with the camels on Zerkreet Beach

Limestone cliff in Zerkreet

A nightly visit to the market for some camel-shopping. No we do not buy it, but you have to admit is is a pretty baby-camel.

At the Singing Dunes just before Christmas

Desert picnic

Driving to Inland Sea

Yes. Just like the other countries we have lived in we got stuck here too and had to dig out the car

Friday afternoon at Inland Sea. Saudi Arabia in the back-ground.

Getting ready for a dive in Umm Said.

Sophi, Adam and Abby playing on the beach.


Following our 7 years in Saudi we moved to Qatar. They had cinemas and we could get booze !!!! No-one threatened with jail and lashes for having a Christmas tree. Women can drive.

It was like heaven.

Fantastic place for the young Løge family to live. We enjoyed it for the 2 years we were there.

Arrived May 1996 and left April 1998 to Abu Dhabi.