Updated 19th June2011 


The family on Red Square

Bolshoi Theatre

Eternal Flame for Soldiers outside Kremlin

Hats for sale it Izmaylovo Market

Matryoshka Dolls

Cathedrals at Kremlin

The Tsar Canon. 40 tons and made in the 1600s

Ice fishing - did not catch anything and it was cold

Inside on of the downtown metro stations

St Basil Cathedral at Red Square

20Rubles for use of Toilet at the Belorusskaya Train Station

Moscow "White House" where the Russian Federation government now sits

Kremlin seen from Moscow River when we were on a River cruise.

St. Basil Cathedral and Red Square seen from the river cruise.

Churches and monasteries in Sergiev Possad outside of Moscow.

One of Stalin's Seven Sisters building now converted to a Radisson Hotel.



Currently residing in Pokrovsky Hills outside Moscow in Russia

Moved here in February 2011 and in to the house in May

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