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   Updated 30th August 2009
Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates  

The Old Tower as you drive on to Abu Dhabi Island from the Mainland

Landscape at Hatta Pools

At the Hatta pools with the Danielson family

Trick or treat - Haloween in Abu Dhabi

M/Y Sophi - 19 Foot with 225Hk Johnson

Local Inhabitant

The now so famous Burgh al-Arab under construction. Also known as

"The Sail" or "The Cockroach"

Camping with the Vasilevs

A local Dhow outside Abu Dhabi

Dinner at the Vaslievs with Chris, Randy, Lorne, Tanya, Rick and Brian

Fishing on Christmas day 1999

The Boys after a full day fishing - only one Sailfish. Catch and release

Sharon, Lynne, Debs and Bianca on the beach during a

camping trip

Atle Water skiing

The Club beach

On a trip in the destert close to Oman border with the Danielson and Bernard family.

And we got stuck in Abu Dhabi as well. Recurring theme....

Christmas brunch 1999. Just before heading to Norway.


Following 2 years in Qatar we moved to Abu Dhabi. This is the capital city of United Arab Emirates.

The most enjoyable was the trips we had to the desert and mountains and of course camping on the islands around Abu Dhabi.