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Lunar New Year 2007  
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Gong Xi Fa Cai - Happy Chinese New year.


Surin Beach Hotel


On the sailboat

Ceberus at Coral Island

Feeding the fish at Coral Island

The Bernard Family

The kids at the bow.

Beach at National Park

Elephant feeding

Lunch in the Jungle close to Pang Pea Waterfall

Goodnight and time to go home.......


  Updated 21 February 2007

Back to our standard Thailand vacation spot, Surin Beach. 4th time we go there. Really relaxing and a good location about 1/2 way from the airport to Patong Beach. Took the early bird on Tiger Airways and arrived the hotel about 9AM on Saturday 17th and spent the day hanging around the pool and down to the beach. A bit disappointing that our standard chef had gone into business with the 6 star resort next door and was now running their beach club and was not able to cook here extremely good thai food for us this time, but we found another restaurant next door. Plenty of beach restaurants, so no problem. I called my buddy Ben with latitude8yachts and luckily he has a sailboat for us for the Sunday. Left Jimmy's lighthouse at about 10 and this time we had wind to fill the sails. EXCELLENT day on the sea. Snorkeling, swimming, good food, plenty of Sing Ha (no, we did not manage to drink the 2 cases, but did a good job trying). We got a little sunburned......

Monday we rented motorcycles and headed down to Patong for a drive. The whole family got to try a ride. All safe with helmets and no speeding, so this is something we can do again.

Tuesday we rented a minivan and went to a national park beach and Bang Pae waterfall and finished off the day at the beach swimming for the sun-set and a nice dinner on the beach.

Wednesday morning Tiger took us back to Singapore after a complete panic at Phuket immigration.

Surin beach is truly a nice lace that I can recommend to everyone. Too many Scandahovians, but still good and the closest place to Singapore I know I can buy VG and Dagbladet from 2 days ago. It is actually a Ving Center.

We will go back I am sure....

More Pictures available on http://www.thebernardfamily.net/id42.html