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Jorunn 50 years  
   Updated 21st July 2019
Ibiza Sailing trip 

Sailing route. All the way around Ibiza and Formenters.

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S/Y Montagu


26 degrees in the water. NICE !!!!

A typical Bay on Formentera Island

Water fun !!!

Cousin Swim

Plenty of room on the bow of the catamaran

Cava Time

Jaume rigged up the Bar-B-Q at the stern of the port hul and made us dinner one night. n

No way back once we jumped here

Only way out. Swim under water to get out of cave.

Captain Jaume and his crew

Sightseeing by dingy

Good wind one day from Ibiza to Formentera

156 m2 Asymetrical spinnaker

Sunset over Ibiza


All good things come to an end. Here the last of the crew coming off the boat. A very good trip that will hopefully be repeated one day.











4 years ago our families undertook a trip to Croatia, sailing around the islands outside of Split in connection with 3 of us turning 50. After a successful and fun filled week, it was decided to meet again when Jorunn would turn 50. 2019 marked that time so another trip was arranged. From our friends in Barcelona we were advised that Ibiza is a very good destination and they helped to find us the catamaran Montagu which is the only reasonable sized (and priced) catamaran in Spain having 5 cabins. Actually 6 cabins including crew-quarters and 6 heads (bathrooms). The boat actually has an interesting past. Jaume our captain told us that it used to be a cocain smuggling boat between South America and Spain. After being caught by customs in Ibiza she was left in governemnt custody, deterriorating for 5 years afterwhich Jaume bought it. He completely refitted the boat. Only the hull, the superstructure and some rigging and stainless steel was left from the old boat, so in effect it was a new boat and very impressing indeed.

We boarded in San Antoni. It had been 30+ years since John and Atle went to San Antoni and Club 33 last time. They did not really recognize the place.

We were fortunate with the winds and proceeded to navigate around the island. We headed up North the first 2 nights and anchored in various bays. This is the more quiet place of the island with fewer boats and a limited selection of restaurants. We still manged to get plenty of good food and drink. On the 3rd day we headed around the top and sailed on the east side of Ibiza and down south to Formentera. We circled this island as well spending the next 3 nights before heading back to Ibiza and making our way back to San Antonio for our departure on 6th July.

The water colour and clarity was magnificent not to mention the water temperature, it was refreshing and warm at 26C. We were able to venture on land 3-4 times a day to get the dogs some much needed grass time and to have a look at the beach life in different coves and small cities. Of course it was much nicer to have our own floating hotel where we could jump off to refresh during the over 30C heat rather than struggle with space on the beach. We all enjoyed the time together and overall it was a fantastic trip!! There was mention of repeating a sailing trip in 6 years time...we shall see where that will take us! But we must acknowledge once again the reason for the family trip:



Best regards,

Pedersen and Løge Families