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A Whale of a time  
   Updated 13th August 2011
Victoria, Pender, Nootka Sound - CANADA July/August 2011  

Wharf in Victoria

Having lunch in Seattle

Sunset Port Washington, Pender Island

Killer Whale Spyhopping in Active Pass

Bald Eagle

24 kg (52 lbs) Halibut

Atle's Salmon. About 11 kg

Sunkissed Cabin, Nootka Sound

Calypso Fishing

In the First Nation Church, Friendly Cove

Humpback whale came VERY close to the boat

Swimming upside down.

Mouth of whale seen from underside

This was CLOSE.

And this picture was taken from the boat in the background in the above picture.

Actually touching the whale


We had a fantastic vacation in Victoria, Pender and Nootka Sound visiting our friends there. Quick trip to Seattle where we learned the hard way where "empty" is on the fuel gauge.....

Went fishing up at Nootka Sound and caught plenty of Salmon and Halibut.

Thanks to all people that opened their house for us for the summer.

Løge Family.