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Bintan, Indonesia  
 Updated 28th October 2006
Families Eik-Wettergreen, Rasmussen and Løge to Bintan.

Jumping Emma

Our friend the Lizard came for Breakfast

Monitor Lizard

Early Christmas - Fenalår

The gang going Jet-Skiing

On the waverunner

Sophi and Emil

The kids favorite

Dinner time

Fam Eik-Wettergreen in the pool

  Bintan Trip - Oct 20-22 2006

Hi to all,

Please enjoy the pictures from our trip to Bintan. An hour ferry ride from Singapore across to this Indonesian island. The north side of the island is full of resorts catering to people in Singapore and visitors to Singapore. A lot of Japanese and Koreans are going over there as part of a package tour they are on. Very nice resort. Bintan lagoon is the place and we had a villa on the beach with private swimming pool.