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July 15-22 2008  
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If you find something you like doing - do it again

Bianca enjoying Singapore Airlines Business Class "bucket seat"

SY Hermione - A 38 foot Lagoon Catamaran

Sea Kayak at Ko Hong. Notice the tunnel leading into the lagoon. Not much elbow or head-room and only accessible at high tide.

Coming in through the southerly tunnel to Ko Hong with the sailboat in the back-ground.

Ko Hong

We have reached Ko Rok Nok, 38 miles south of Phi Phi and had the island to ourselves.


It can rain HEAVY in Phi Phi

Rai Lei bay in Krabi. Not accessible by car, so everyone uses long tail boats to get to the resorts.

We bought 1/2 kg prawn from these guys

Lynne taking some Thai cooking lessons from Captain Suthip

Caught a small tuna on the way from Phi Phi to Ko Rok Nok.


  Updated 25 July 2008


MAP of route

We just couldn't quite separate ourselves from Asia even after 9 months in Cape Town.. so we had to indulge in that lovely Singapore Airlines service and headed 12 hours east to Singapore to see friends and neighbours before heading to Thailand for yet another sail trip. There was a bit of a hassle as they sold the boat we had previously used even with a down payment and flights paid for; we ended up on a nice Lagoon 38 foot catamaran.


We sailed much the same route as last year other than heading further south to Ko Rok Nok. Not sure the girls were all that thrilled as we had 20 knots wind, 3 meter waves and rain heading south. The options were to sit outside, get wet and cold or stay inside and get seasick... we got there. Had we gone further there would surely have been mutiny on the Hermione! We did not have our dive kit which would have certainly increased the enjoyment during the 3 days of rain....miscommunication within the rental company.

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